Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 334 - The Blood Bath At The Park

January 6, 2014    

Woke up late again, but I didn't feel any illness weirdness anymore. On another positive note, I had very little soreness. The benefit of proper post race nutrition. (Three to one ratio of carbs to protein within a half hour of stopping. Actually, I have no idea what the ratios are but my favorite post workout nutrition is a scoop of Skratch Labs Hydration Mix and a scoop of Garden of Life "Chocolate" raw protein powder. Actually just tried to figure it out, the ratios, and my head started smoking.)

I have been taking The Puppy to the park next to my house with a fifty foot leash and a Frisbee. She is getting very good at catching the Frisbee and loves running around on that extra long leash. At one point, she must have ate a pointy stick and cut her mouth. I noticed the blood drops on a leaf first then she smiled and I saw it coming from her mouth. She only bled for about a minute but some how got blood all over the place, including on me! She never noticed anything was wrong and continued playing as though nothing was amiss in the world.

Then a male pit bull came into the park with it's human. Of course, The Puppy took one look and bolted. Fully intent on jumping on its face. I was so focused on reeling her leash in to keep her from getting to the other dog, that I failed to notice the leash around my ankle.

Next thing I know, I'm on my butt laughing like a chimp with a burning feeling at my ankle and desperately trying to hold her back from the very quickly getting irritated pit bull. I finally got her reeled in and noticed the damage. Dammit! I hate these kind of boo-boos! That top layer of skin missing exposes all those little nerve ending that make everything it's exposed to, hurt. Basically, it will just suck until it heals over. That leg is getting pretty scarred up at this point. I pack up The Puppy and the long leash and headed home in search of some Neosporin and some non stick gauze pads.

Later, The Puppy decided she was a hat and sat on The Bosses head, but I'm sure she wasn't trying to get attention.  .  .  It's a good thing she is a female or The Boss would have felt something very strange in her ear!

Later, later, I noticed I had fractured my damn cast when I fell! Fortunately, I discovered hot glue works great at repairing fiberglass cast.

 I think I will throw this out to the universe again.  Gimme!

Well that's it for now. Until tomorrow my friends.

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