Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day 342 - The Leg Salami and the Wildlife Adventures

January 14, 2014           251.0 lbs

Haven't checked in for awhile. Not much to report. I did not get the job I was after unfortunately. I was pretty disappointed about that. As I sit here, with a broken arm and my leg torn up, it is difficult not to let depression take over. And even tougher to get motivated to train.

Regardless, 305 days until Ironman Arizona 2014 and the leg is almost healed over enough to train, I believe.

And now for something less nasty. Here is a nice picture The Boss took the other day at the park.

 And here is the view from my hill. Almost like the sky is on fire.

Look really close at this one. The Puppy and I see these characters daily. 

My day in a nutshell. I've been making myself walk to help with the mobility of my leg. Tomorrow, I have a 45 minute run scheduled. I think I'm going to try it. Until tomorrow my friends.

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