Friday, January 17, 2014

Day 344 - A Swimmers Tale

January 16, 2014           251.8 lbs

Finally got back on the horse or in this case, back into the pool. The waterproof cast worked great! Though I had some limited range of motion. I was concerned that the water would feel a bit foreign. Not at all! Felt like I never stopped. My cardio wasn't as good as before, but it will get better.

Here was the workout Chris (Hauth) gave me. Though I pretty much just winged it.

200 swim - 200 kick - 200 pull
10x100 - 10 sec rest - evry 5th one easy
10x75 - 10 sec rest - pulling, breathing 3,5,7 by 25
10x50 kick - 10 sec rest
10x25 - 10 sec rest - fast, NO FREEstyle
400 swim long and steady

My breathing wasn't too bad either. I caught myself beginning to hold my breath at one point, instead of exhaling some with each stroke. So I went to the deep end and did several "sinking drills." That helped. After about 50 lengths, my old buddy "4 Laps" showed up. This is an old world guy about my age, who always waits to get in the pool until I have been swimming for some time. Then he swims four laps at my endurance pace and gets out with a look like he just out ran Usain Bolt. Hey, glad I can help him feel good about himself. At one point, I pushed off the wall forcefully to catch "Four Laps" and immediately got the most intense calf cramp I have ever experienced. It was so bad that I had to scull over to the edge of the pool and wait for it to release. I haven't been eating enough potassium admittedly. My healing wound on the other leg felt okay during the swim, but at one point, I bumped it on the steps. It didn't hurt at the time.
Later, two young ladies in their early twenties got in the pool briefly, and then bailed for the hot tub. After my swim, I jumped in the hot tub for a few minutes and one of the girls asked if I was the one doing laps. I said yes and she said my freestyle looked like "I knew what I was doing." That made me happy. I ended up sitting in the hot tub too long and felt dizzy when I rinsed off in the shower. Enough that I needed to sit down for a few minutes. That's when I noticed that I had removed a good chunk of the scab when I bumped it and exposed the nerve ending all over again. Great.  .  .

I have to say, post swim, I feel really great. Revitalized.

Post swim hair.

Post swim boo-boo. Oh yeah, that's why I was waiting to swim.  .  .

Here are a couple pictures from the New Years Race Half Marathon I did recently.

A happy camper!

And as usual, I'm up all night writing the blog. Until tomorrow my friends.

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