Sunday, January 19, 2014

Day 346 - A Long Story About Not Much

January 18, 2014  

Today I had a three hour Z2 ride assigned. I never quite seemed to find the window during the day and put it off until evening. Then I put it off to late evening and then I got tired and decided to feed my latest OCD obsession by going to Bob's Big Boy.

 At first I sat in a booth. I noticed that the place was filling up and I looked like an a-hole sitting alone in a big booth. So I got up and sat at the counter. As soon as I did, another big group of people came in and sat in my now empty booth. Then two very annoying drunk or just stupid twenty something ladies came in and sat next to me at the counter. I say drunk or stupid because they walked in barefoot, carrying their shoes and were told to put them on by the manager. Once seated, they did everything possible to get me to look at them. Every glance punctuated with a hair flip, every gesture exaggerated. I refused. One of them was pretty heavy with a significant odor of armpit emitting from her halter top and a liberal application of an incredibly bad perfume. I almost wished I'd stayed in the booth. I kept wondering where in America it is okay to walk into a restaurant with no shoes on. 

 I hurriedly ate my french fries and left. On the way home, I began feeling guilty about not riding and calculated how long I would be awake if I rode for an hour. Better not, I'm already waking up way to late as it is. I've got to give up my late night binge and commit to the nutrition plan. What kind of example am I anyways?! A human one. A human one that is not drinking as much anymore.

 I sent a couple of DVD's to my long lost father for Christmas. Forks Over Knives and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I haven't heard anything. I usually get a single call a year from him. We never speak more than a couple minutes though. He's had quadruple bypass surgery and was one of the inspirations for me to get healthy. If you have or know someone that has heart disease, they can only improve their health from eating more plant based. The results that the physicians in the Forks Over Knives dvd have achieved are nothing short of amazing at reversing and healing heart disease. I guess my dad didn't want to hear about it.

 Exactly what the heck is The Puppy trying to do here?

Tomorrow, I have a brick workout of a swim and run. I have been enjoying the slight soreness from the last swim workout. I feel it in every muscle group that I am supposed to. Until tomorrow my friends.

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