Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Day 349 - An Inner Dialog Of Skratch

January 21, 2014           

Thank god! I literally just ran out of my beloved Scratch Labs Exercise Hydration mix.

 They always throw in some extras with direct orders.

This time I ordered an Exercise Hydration Mix for training and their new product Daily Electrolyte Mix. A product for when the exercise mix is more than you need. Basically, they made it just for me. No seriously, ask them.

You: "Hey Skratch Lab cool dudes."

Skratch Labs: "What up G-unit?"

You: "Did you make the new Daily Electrolyte Mix for Mike from Road2Iron?"

Skratch Labs: "Why yes we did. And we would also like to add that we at Skratch Labs think Mike is both incredibly handsome and witty."


Okay, so maybe they don't address people as "G-unit" but everything else is absolutely and completely true.

(Disclaimer: None of the proceeding statements are true in any way!)

I love the Skratch so much that I sometimes drink it with my Garden of Life protein powder in the morning and at night as the last meal of the day. But that's more electrolytes than I need for every day activity. So the smarty pants over at Skratch Labs made this just for people like me.

Here I am with Lego Batman!

I'm finishing up a project that is keeping me from training for the last few days. Maybe three more.

Until tomorrow my friends.

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