Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 362 - Day One of the Toro plan.

February 3, 2014           252.2 lbs

 And so it begins.  .  .

Just kidding! Day one of the new nutrition plan from Jennifer Lentzke MS, RD, LD at Toro Nutrition. Here is a brief rundown of what the game plan is. Basically I will be doing a form of nutritional periodization with the first phase focused on weight loss. My daily calories are limited to two thousand, eating five to six times a day, depending on if its a training day or not. Those two thousand calories do not include any food I eat for training. 

When I first saw the plan, I was a bit skeptical of the two thousand calorie limit as I am not a small guy. However, I the plan and realized that entire concept of how much I need to eat is broken to begin with. Plus with my crazy OCD brain, I use food as an addiction. Eating causes a release of dopamine in the brain giving you a brief feeling of euphoria, blah, blah, blah.  .  .

 So I am embracing the change and remaining neutral. Day one went pretty well except I woke up very late and had to set the eat reminders in my iPhone app, (called Eatminder) to every two hours and still didn't eat lunch. Dinner tonight was marinated tempeh with quinoa and roasted vegetables. Though the portions were much smaller than I am used to, I ate slowly and finished feeling satiated.

It's very early in the morning and I'm beat. Until tomorrow my friends.

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