Friday, February 7, 2014

Day 365 - Rain, The Puppy and A Pound of Flesh Part 2.

February 6, 2014                         250.8 lbs   (-2.4 lbs)

So if you are following this crazy journey of mine, you know that I am a "hard loser" with regards to weight loss. After somehow gaining a pound of weight yesterday, today I was 2.4 lbs lighter. More of the weird happenings that go on in my body.

Today, I also jumped back into training. My assigned workout was a "brick." A forty-five minute easy run in the morning and a one hour ride in the evening. And of course, it rained.

So much that I didn't feel safe riding in it. But running.  .  .  no problem!

We were both soaked through within five minutes. Even The Puppy, who loves the water, looked a little "put-out" by the end.

The run itself was fine. Since it was my first time running for a few weeks, I choose to walk for a minute, every ten. Otherwise, I set my Garmin to show "heart rate zones" only and headed out. I could feel the difference in my cardio right off as my heart rate shot up to zone 3 within a few minutes. Then it seemed to stabilize. Although on the way back, I noticed I was getting significant "drift." That's when your heart rate "drifts" up, even when you aren't working out hard enough for it to.

Overall, it was a nice brisk run with a couple stops for pictures. A nice warm up for the rest of my training. Tomorrow, I have another run, this one an hour. Until tomorrow my friends.

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