Saturday, February 8, 2014

Day 366 - One Year Anniversary!

February 7, 2014                   251.6 lbs

Today is my one year anniversary since I began training for Ironman.

 As far as weight loss goes, I'm 6.2 pounds heavier than when I began last year. I have also gained a lot of muscle under all this fat! It would be easy to get discouraged, but I am working with a nutritionist now and  hopefully, can make it to Ironman Arizona slim and strong.

Today my workout consisted of a one hour run with 4-8 strides at the end. What is a stride? Basically, you break a 100 meter straight away. Divide it into thirds. Start from a walk and gradually increase speed until you get to the second third where you should run with good form at about 95% of your ability. Once you get to the beginning of the last third, you should begin to slow down until you are walking by the end.

I really enjoyed the strides a bunch. It felt great to cut loose. The Puppy liked it as well. For her, a "running" workout consist of her lightly trotting along wishing she could sprint away.

For dinner I had tempeh, roasted vegetation and quinoa made with vegetable broth instead of water. Happy Anniversary to me and everyone that has been with me so far!

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