Sunday, February 9, 2014

Day 367 - First Ride After the Break.

February 8, 2014                      251.8 lbs

 Today I had a three hour ride assigned. Weather was clear but a bit chilly. Now, I realize that "my" chilly is not the same as it is for most of the people in the North East.

Still, it was cold out there with the windchill factor. I need to get some sleeves for my bike kits, (outfits.) I wore my over the ear Focus Pro Yurbuds and had no problem with them falling out.

 The ride itself was fine. Started off sluggish, my legs felt tired. Just getting used to the whole training six days a week thing again.

 My lingering cold seemed to act up again as soon as I got outside making my labored breathing seem more intense.

But after about twenty minutes my legs woke up and I was flying along. No where near as powerful as I was before I got hurt/life got in the way/ I lost motivation due to lack of progress.

 The trail was beautiful with very few other people on it. I had plenty of opportunities to get some nice pictures along the way for this blog and my burgeoning Instagram account.

  The way I love to take pictures, I should have been doing Instagram from the beginning. Oh well, that was the pre judgemental/affraid of change old man side of my brain that was telling me it was too much to take on and learn.


By the way, the water bottle filled with Skratch Labs Hydration Mix pictured above, is my favorite of all of them.

 Feels good to workout regularly again. My legs aren't used to the workload yet but they will soon.

Until tomorrow my friends.

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