Saturday, February 15, 2014

Day 373 - Checking in!

February 14, 2014                                  252.8 lbs


 It has been a few days, so I wanted to check in. I have been busily working and doing my nutrition plan. It has been almost two weeks. So far.  .  .  not much progress.

 I have been pretty good about it to, only deviated three times. Maybe I'm missing something. I'm pretty frustrated. Sticking with it though.

What I am beginning to wonder about though is how my body handles soy. I don't get stomach problems or anything, but just tonight while discussing it with The Boss, realized I tend to loose more weight on days I limit my soy intake.

The most weight I have lost in the four and a half years since I began trying, happened when I was eating "raw" for a few weeks. Problem was, I wasn't eating enough healthy fats and began to have trouble, followed by clandestine runs for fast food!  Le sigh.  .  .  Until tomorrow my friends!

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