Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Day 384 - A man, a bike and a hill.

February 25, 2014       250.8 lbs

Hello all! I have spent the last few days busily trying to complete some projects and healing up. The latest injury proved to be more problematic than I anticipated.

Feels like it is taking longer than normal to heal. 

 Today I had a brick scheduled with a swim and a bike ride. I got the bike in, but it was late. Like after midnight. I got to see the deer twice on my ride. The entire family in the park next to my house and several of the young on the way up the hill.

I have to say, I struggled up the last hill. I made a big mistake attacking it in the wrong gear for a quarter of the ways up the hill. This depleted what energy I had left. I kept having to pull into driveways to rest. I probably should have eaten a handful of raisins before I headed out for more energy.

That's it for now, until tomorrow my friends!

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