Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Day 390 - A Swift Kick In The Butt!

March 3, 2014                    250.6 lbs

Weight has plateaued it seems. However, I still think I have it figured out. As soon as I start training full time again, it will drop more. The ankle looks disgusting in the picture below, but it is healed enough that I can run without it ripping open every time I flex.

And speaking of training full time, I got a message from my coach Chris Hauth. He said he was concerned about the lack of urgency in my training. He also said that if I don't get serious, I wont be an Ironman finisher. You know, he is exactly right, I have let other stuff get in the way. Despite all the injuries, and the insomnia and everything else, I think training for a year and being the exact same weight was so frustrating, that it destroyed my motivation. The thing is, I could list everything that is going on but it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because the people that become Ironman, do it regardless of their drama. Time to get out their! Until tomorrow my friends.

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