Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 392 - A Really Big Swim.

March 5, 2014                                         251.4 lbs

 What a day! I had a big swim workout today.  My coach wrote down 3900 yards total but he pulled a sneaky-sneaky as it was actually 4100 yards or 2.3 miles. Here is the workout:

Choice of 500 wup
4x300 with 1 minutes rest
5x200 with 40 sec rest
6x100 with 20 sec rest
8x100 with 10 sec rest

 I have a confession, I have poolness envy. I suffer from a little pool! It's only 18 yards long. Ah-well it's free. I better find an alternative soon.

After the swim, I was at the store and I felt absolutely electric with energy. I love when that happens. For dinner, I had raw zucchini alla checca. Mm-mm tasty.

Tomorrow I ride. Until tomorrow my friends!

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