Friday, March 7, 2014

Day 393 - Riding In The Dark!

March 6, 2014                                    249.8 lbs

Hello ev-er-y-bo-dy! Today I had a bike ride assigned, here is the workout:

1.5 Hours = Sub Z2 HR bike with some intervals of your choice built in at Z3 to get the legs going.  Still an ez ride though so keep it easy.

I was busy all day and couldn't ride until after midnight. This workout was about keeping an eye on my Garmin 910xt to make sure my heart rate didn't leave Zone 1 threshold. Except during the intervals that is.

 I decided to ride towards Hansen Dam where I did my first triathlon ever and I set my timer an app on my iPhone called Interval Run for an hour and a half.  I brought a bottle of Skratch Labs Hydration Mix, (Orange for you stalkers!) and a couple hand fulls of Trader Joe's, Golden Berry Blend semi dried fruit.

 I figured I would ride towards the dam and see how far around I would get before needing to turn around. Surprisingly, I ended up following the same bike route as I did in that first triathlon. The irony that I was now doing that route for training didn't escape me. It was a good ride with very few cars. The back half was in almost total darkness. Making the road slightly eerie as I pedaled along with nothing but my blinking headlight to show the way. At one point, I looked down to see an opossum standing on its hind legs almost like a boxer just watching me go by. It was inches from my foot! I couldn't help but imagine it reaching out with it's tiny clawed hand and taking a swipe out of my shin. Later, a bunny started to cross the road directly in front of me than thought better and retreated. This took a second at most. I was thankful, I didn't run it over as there was no time to stop or swerve!

I made it to the base of my neighborhood hill, you know the one that riders from all over the valley use for training, yeah that one. After my very poor ride up it last time, I was a bit nervous to see how I would do. It's not a very long hill, but it sure is steep (see elevation chart below). Well to me it is, oh and a certain group of Asian riders from Glendale that ride it every Tuesday! Last time I started in the wrong gear and had to keep pulling off into driveways to catch my breath.
This time, I was able to make it all the way up to the top without stopping! I wanted to thrust my fist in the air and scream out, "Aaaahhhrrrrrr--ooooo!!!" Instead, I did a Kurt Russel at the end of the movie Miracle. (He basically "screams" silently. Holding his fist to his mouth so not to be heard.

 I made it back home and someone was there to great me.

 Warning! The following picture is graphic! Please don't scroll down unless you can.  .  .Oh well I warned you.

Some people were wondering about my booboo. Here is a recent photo of my ankle injury. Looks disgusting but it is healing.

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