Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day 397 - Swanky Swimming and Swag!

March 10, 2014                         250.6 lbs

Hello all! I woke up to a surprise package on my doorstep! A brand spankin new cycling jersey from my sponsor Skratch Lab! Now I can represent when I'm on the trail. They gave me some patches to!

 Tonight I did a swim workout. Here it is:

3400 or 1.9 miles- 400 warm up, 300 catch up, 200 kick, 100 free.  Then 12x75, middle 25 no free with 15 sec. rest.  3x (300 free / 100 Free FAST / 100 IM easy) - warm down 200.

 I didn't have the pool completely to myself but I didn't have any problems either.

 Although a woman got in the pool towards the end of my workout and literally would stop and stare at me on the turns with an expression like, "What is wrong with you slow poke?!" I was too tired to care. 

Tomorrow, I run again. Until tomorrow my friends.

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