Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 398 - Playing In The Street And Other Late Night Perks!

March 11, 2014                248 lbs.

Another late night jaunt through the wild and woolly wilderness that is Burbank, CA. Here is the run workout:

10' warm up
10' at Z2 running HR
6x4' @ Z3 running HR range with 90 sec. rest in between
15' warm down

I wasn't too sure I was going to make this run because at the beginning, my legs felt pretty tired. I was having difficulty just maintaining the Zone 2 heart rate portion of the run. But by the first interval, my legs warmed up enough to finish the run. The volume of the past week is catching up to me. A good run overall but feeling a bit creaky after. I always make sure to have some carbs and protein after all of my training sessions and it sure does help. No matter how rough I feel immediately after a workout, by the next day, I usually ready to go.

Tomorrow I have an hour and forty-five minute ride. Until tomorrow my friends.

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