Monday, March 17, 2014

Day 403 - Scabs, Snakes and Directions, "Oh, my!"

March 16, 2014                           241.8 lbs

What a day! I just don't recover from the all nighters, like I used to! Woke up cranky and feeling "off." My mood got worse as the day and the amount of people I was surrounded by increased. I don't know what the heck was bothering me. By the way, here is a picture of my healing ankle. Almost there!

 The Puppy and I almost tap danced on this little fellow during her post park walk around the neighborhood. King snake?

I remembered I had a long run today and the thought kept me level headed as I knew by the end of the run, I would feel better.   Here is the workout:

Comfortable - evenly paced Z2 run with 10x90 sec at Z4 running HR built in with 1' ez jogs - but allow for 20' of warmup.

For me to get to z4 in my heart rate, I have to sprint and hold it. To do ten 90 second sprints had my heart pumping.  Also, I think I'm well hydrated as I had to pee twice during the run. A beautiful 64

Here is  the timing program I use, it's called Interval Run.  It allows you to create custom workouts.  Those red and green lines are sprint and rest intervals. It has a great beginners running program built in called "Couch to 5k" that takes you very gently and builds you up to run 3.1 miles.


Those intervals were tough! Especially the last two.

But every time my energy flagged, I would remind myself that for every minute that I missed out on training, would come back to haunt me later on! Well off for a shower. Good night everyone! Untill tomorrows me friends.

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