Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Day 405 - The Big Not So Sleep and Running Anyways!

March 18, 2014           

Yesterday was my rest day. And boy did I need it! On the other hand, I spent it working. Tuesday,  I worked from morning until 3:00 am (now Wednesday). Even though I was exhausted, I just couldn't skip my workout again. So I went out for my training run at 3:40 am and ran for one hour here was the workout Chris Hauth assigned me:

10' warm up
10' section at perfect form Z2 HR
7x3' at Z3 running HR range with 90 sec. ez jog in between
15' warm down

I trimmed the cool down some. but completed all the intervals. I was having to push myself and my breathing felt shallow no matter how I belly breathed to catch my breath. But did it and now I'm going to shower, sleep a couple hours, then get up and work some more craziness. Until tomorrow my friends.

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