Friday, March 21, 2014

Day 407 - Riding Into the Abyss.

March 20, 2014

Hi all! I have to keep this short as it's almost 3:00 am and I have to get up early. Tonight I had a great ride around Hansen Dam again.

Here is the workout, by the way, this is the ride I missed last week.

1:30:00 ride: Just like last week - for the first hour, keep it in zone 2 to zone 3 but in one to two gears harder than you normally would ride, then include 3x5-min. above threshold intervals, again in one to two gears harder than normal, with 5-minute recovery. Working on power for the hills...

I believe threshold is Z4 for me. The weather was nice with a clear beautiful sky and gentle breeze. I even rode on top of the dam tonight and let me say, it is a little bit creepy up there at night.

There is also a part in the road that looks like you are leaving the light and safety and riding into darkness. Literally, a wall of darkness. It gave me pause, however brief, before I plunged into the abyss.   .   .  A good ride indeed. Until tomorrow my friends.

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