Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day 409 - Riding, Rice Cakes and Race Jerseys.

March 22, 2014                   250.6 lbs

Today was my long ride. Three and a half hours in strict, mid zone two. I had some mechanical issues and got to Encanto Park and on the bike with only enough time for two and a half. But I did get to wear my brand new Skratch Labs cycling jersey. It was awesome! (Thanks guys!)

 My last few rides, I have had trouble with the rear derailleur.  For some reason, my shifting is all over the place and today specifically, I couldn't get into one of my gears. Might be an easy adjustment but I don't have time to learn the ends and out of bike shifter set up before my next ride. So to the shop I will go.

The ride itself was fine. A lot of headwind heading out. Cresting the Santa Fe Dam stuck in the "next harder gear" was a bit tricky but I pedaled slow and smooth and made sure to watch my breathing so I didn't go above Z3.

I also used blueberry, chocolate chip and coconut rice cakes as fuel. They worked great and I think I will use these as much as I can. I was thinking of other combinations to make as well. I have an alarm on my watch set to fifteen minutes. Whenever it goes off, I drink three gulps of Skratch Labs or water to maintain my hydration. Seems to work great and I feel like I can go all day. I may have found my fueling niche. Except next time, I will not wait a full hour to eat. More like every forty five minutes. I'll make a few savory flavored rice cakes next time as well.

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