Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day 412 - H&S Bicycle To the Rescue!!!

March 25, 2014

First thing when I woke up, I went to H&S Bicycles to check out the bike. After being warmly greeted, the mechanic took a look at Ol' Blue, made some minor adjustments to the rear derailleur and poof! he was done. No need to charge me! I believe the cables have stretched out from hauling my big butt around and might eventually need replacement. Today's be "I'm a dumbass!" moment happened when I realized the me stock shifters are designed to shift more than one gear at a time depending on how far in you push it. Sigh.  .  .

 I was sitting on the couch starting to pass out at 12:30am when I realized, I still had a run to do for the day. DANG!!! And it had a bunch of intervals to. Here it is:

15' warm up
8x2' at Z3 running HR range with 2' ez jogs in between - perfect form, very focused, good foot speed.
15' warm down

Outside I went, starting at 01:120am or so. There was a light mist that quickly got heavier to the point of soaking me through! Oh well. Trust me, I did not want to get up and run but I kept thinking of the Ironman race. My race, happening in 235 days! I am absolutely amazed at the fact that I routinely run five miles and longer.  

 Also, my coach is putting me through a half Ironman race this Saturday. That's right, swim for 30 minutes straight, no rest, withing five minutes of finishing, get on the bike and ride 3.75 hours then withing five minutes of the bike finish, run for two hours.I'm going to need a sherpa to help me out with water and food.

Below is my dream bike. The 2014 Cervélo P2! I must have this bike! Anybody that might want to sponsor me for this, feel free.

Well that is it for the evening, until tomorrow my friends.

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