Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 417 - The Adventures of Mr. Potato Head

March 30, 2014             249.4 lbs

Hello all. Day after the Test Race report. I feel good today. Not really sore at all. Even my old achy knees aren't really achy. I even went to Monsterpalooza and walked around for a few hours with no problems. Saw a bunch of friends and associates that I haven't bumped into for a few years.

I still haven't heard from my coach so I'm not sure what the verdict is. Probably Monday as he had several clients racing in Oceanside, CA at the 70.3 there Saturday.

Yesterday's post wasn't the most positive but it was honest. One thing that happened several times during the run, was people just out right laughed at me running in my triathlon "kit" or clothing. See those triathlon clothes are made of spandex and if you are shaped like Mr. Potato Head and your wearing a race suit, you stand out.

Some people were just openly rude about it, and the most interesting part is, some of them were in much worse shape. I tried to not let it bother me, but it did. Maybe because I was so tired but mostly because I had hit the wall early and had to gut out most of the run.

Despite this, I also got a few thumbs up and waves from people. One of my most favorite things in the world is seeing people new to exercising or running. Especially people that are very heavy. I always want to tell them that despite how hard it is or may seem, to just give it a chance. That soon it wont feel so hard. I see the look in their eyes when I pass and I want them to know that I'm with them and believe that they can do it. And it's okay if they stop and take a break when they need it. Mostly, I give them a thumbs up and a smile.

I forgot to mention yesterday also that towards the end of the run, I discovered that if I inhaled sharply through my nose, I was able to fill up my lungs fully. Whatever, breathing weirdness I had going yesterday seems better today.

Until tomorrow my friends.

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