Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day 433 - Testing Sweet Sweat.

April 15, 2014        250.6 lbs

So today I had a bric workout assigned. A one hour ride with 8x1 minute Z3 sprints up hill. I also had a swim but I ended up with not enough time to do the full workout so I decided to do it tomorrow with the run assigned.

I have wanted to measure my sweat loss during training so that I can more accurately gauge my hydration needs. So I did it today!

Basically, you weigh yourself right before you train for an hour. Then weigh yourself immediately after training. If you drank anything during training, you need to factor that in. I didn't, so it made it easier. I used a hydration calculator.

Temp: 84°
Starting weight:                  252 lbs (This was after breakfast.)
After weight:                      248.6 lbs
Liquid oz Consumed:             0

Final Sweat Loss:                   3.4 lbs

Total hydration required for one hour of exercise: 61 oz

Now this was according to the hydration calculator I randomly found online. That would be 15.25 oz every fifteen minutes. Or about two cups. That seems like a lot to me so I am going to double check it. Then again, if it is correct, it would explain some things regarding my long rides.

Okay, enough for now. Its almost 4:40 am and I have to get up and work/workout.

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