Thursday, April 17, 2014

Day 434 - Water In, Water Out!

April 16, 2014                     

Hi all! A lot of working out today. First up, I had the swim workout from yesterday:

800 warm up with 200 kick, 200 pull build in - 800 every 3rd length head up drill - 3x600 200 kick/pull/swim build 600s 1-3.

I decided for the first time to take my water bottle with me. Don't know why I never took one before. So I loaded up some Skratch Labs Hydration mix and got to the pool at the perfect time. Sunny, water was warm, no one in the pool.

It was a good workout but all those kick drills slow me down like crazy. 

Next up, I had an hours easy chillin' run. I forgot to get an accountability picture though so here is the Garmin file. 

Decided to check my sweat loss for the run because of how different the conditions are from the other day, (night, cool out.)

Temp 59°
Starting weight:  250.8 lbs
After weight:      248.6 lbs
Water loss:              2.2 lbs

I will let you know, I'm exhausted now. Until tomorrow my friends.

Michael S. Pack

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