Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 436 - Workin on Some Night Moves!

April 18, 2014               249.8 lbs

 Today I had a one hour run with the last fifteen in zone three. The Boss really wanted to take The Puppy to a local canyon and hike.

So with the sun quickly setting we made out way to Stough Canyon in Burbank, CA. We got to the trail head and I noticed a lot of cars parked. Yet as we scaled the hill, we saw only a single bike light way farther up the mountain.
I love the view at the top. When I step out, its as if the sky in engulfing me. That and it feels like it is almost 365°,

Well it is 5:00 am and I need to get up and ride for four and a half hours. Until tomorrow me friends

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