Sunday, April 20, 2014

Day 437 - A Very Long Riide, But It Could Be Longer!

April 19, 2014

Recently, I have cleaned up my diet a lot and so far, seem to be losing weight. I have also been studying fueling with real food as apposed to the processed crap that seem to be the acceptable norm. I have been reading and studying Dr. Allen Lim and Chef Biju Thomas' book Feed Zone Portables.  In it, Dr. Lim explains in finite detail how much, how often and what to eat and hydrate with. I have been playing around with rice cakes as fuel and tweeking my hydration to try to get it just right. So yesterday, I made a couple of batches of rice cakes. I had worked out that two rice cakes an hour should keep me well fueled.  Combined with drinking every fifteen minutes, I felt ready to test it.

I made a "breakfast" cakes made with rice, sprouted tofu and tempeh bacon.  I found the recipe online and adjusted it slightly.

 I also made  an apple cinnamon based off of a Portables recipe.

I got to Encanto Park by about 3:30 pm and quickly took off not wanting to waste more time.

It was a nice day and people were enjoying being outside on the trail. 

This pic looks normal enough. Just a guy out for a run.  .  .  Except, this guy was running towards me, backwards. Yup.

I got back to Encanto Park, just after sunset. I made it all the way to Long Beach. 65.28 miles in 4:46:11. I burned 2371 calories.

During the ride I had to pee twice meaning I was doing something really right with the ole hydration. I took four water bottles filled with Skratch Labs Hydration mix and my Camelback 50 oz filled with filtered water.

Without realizing it, I had "PR'd" on several ride elements according to Strava!

During the ride, I had no upset stomach issues and seemed to respond well to the timing also. I really enjoyed the rice cakes and will use them as much as I can in the future. Until tomorrow my friends.

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