Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 440 - More Swimming with Logo's!

April 22, 2014                247.4 lbs

I seem to have found the correct tipping point between how much I eat and how much I burn. My nutrition is on point right now. I'm well hydrated with just the right amount of electrolytes and losing weight daily.

Also, I finally got my hair cut! I had two workouts today, a swim and a bike. I did the swim but ran out of time for the bike, so I'm moving it to tomorrow.

The swim workout was: 300 swim - 200 kick - 100 pull - 4x25 head up freestyle with 15 sec rest

6x400 with 1 minute rest. - steady or getting slightly faster throughout.  No paddles or buoey until nr.7

3100 yards total. The watch shows the workout minus the 200 yard kick that doesn't register.

 Here is a new cycling jersey I designed, with input from The Boss.

 And here is the new logo I designed with a little input from The Boss.

Until tomorrow my friend.

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