Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 442 - Iron Swimming and Dividing The Pack!

April 24, 2014

Big day of swimming and riding. First up the swim:

200 swim,200 kick, 200 pull - 2x {6x50 with 20 sec rest, 5x50 with 15 sec rest, 4x50 with 10 sec rest, 3x50 with 5sec rest, 2x50 touch and go} - 800 pull.

So I was swimming along, feeling pretty darned tired during the second set of descending 50's. But when I got to the last 800 yards with a pull buoy, I suddenly got re-energized. I thought, "Well that wasn't too bad, maybe I keep going." I kept doing extra 200 yards until I had completed 4200 yards. Which is the Ironman distance of 2.4 miles. I felt great and could have kept going.

 Near the end, a giant old world guy with a horrendous bullet wound scar on his belly, approached me and said: "I like you! You swim for two hours straight!."

My ride was a simple one hour, sub Z2 ride. I headed towards the neighborhood next to mine. I discovered that I could actually climb without raising my heart rate into Z2 zone which I did not think possible. Later I raced a coyote and even later still I rode through a pack of them as they headed up the hill I was descending. I also discovered a secret road.

 The view from the top!

 My big Skratch Labs order came today thank goodness as I was o-u-t! I loved their Portables cookbook so much, that I ordered the first cookbook, The Feed Zone.

I'm tired and passing out as I type this, better hit the sack. Until tomorrow my friends.

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