Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Day 446 - Swimming and Riding In The Land of Nod.


Today I had a double workout of swimming and riding. Except for some high winds, it was a pleasent day at the pool. I got to use my new/old goggles!

 Here is the workout:

3x800 stretch out swim:  1x every 4th length drill 1x steady swim 1x pull.

 Somehow I sprayed the hand with the workout on it with my sunscreen. Fortunately, it was really easy to remember!

Much, much later I headed out for my ride:

include 6x90 sec FAST high cadence - aggressive spin sections.

My legs where a little bit tired but I hung in there, especially the big hill at the end of the ride in my neighborhood. I always feel pretty darn good when I ride that hill.

Well, this is a recovery week so a little less training volume. Until tomorrow my friends!

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