Friday, May 2, 2014

Day 448 - Just a Quick Note About Our Hero.

May 1, 2014

Gotta keep this short guys as it's 3:22 am and I have to get up early. Today I had a swim and bike workout. Here is the swim:

200 swim - 200 kick - 200 pull
10x100 - 10 sec rest - evry 5th one easy
10x75 - 10 sec rest - pulling, breathing 3,5,7 by 25
10x50 kick - 10 sec rest
10x25 - 10 sec rest - fast, NO FREEstyle
400 swim long and steady
 When I got to the pool, there was no one there but as soon as I got into the water, it began to be filled with kids and teenagers.

I did as much of the workout as I could before it became impossible to swim any lengths. I ended up teaching a little squirt how to not drown. I clocked 2794 yards total out of the 3500 yards assigned. Sigh.  .  .the trials and tribulations of public pools.

Anyhow the bike was an easy one hour spin. Well gotta run. Sorry, it's not more interesting. Until tomorrow my friends.

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