Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 451 - Swimming And Running Towards The Dawn.

May 4, 2014                      246.2 lbs

Hi all! So after writing that my weight loss had stalled yesterday, I woke up and lost a bunch of weight. Cool!

Today I had a double with a swim and a run. First up the swim workout:

warm up continuous: 200 warm up into 200 FAST into 150 long aerobic into 200 FAST into 100 long aerobic into 200 FAST.  THEN
8x100 steady with only 5 sec. rest n between
200 warm down

The first time I went to the pool, no way. Too many people. So I went back later in the evening. Even then, there was a bunch of people. But as I did my laps, they got out of the way and then left altogether. The Boss and The Puppy met me at the pool and we headed home.

I'm writing this at 4:35 am and I'm thinking I need to go do my second workout. An hours, easy run. My rational brain says, go to sleep. Then again, every hour I put in prepares me more for the race.

I think I'll go running.  .  .

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