Saturday, May 10, 2014

Day 456 - Swimming Takes Center Stage!

March 9, 2014                     245.2 lbs

Can't say much as I have to get to sleep! Been working a lot for the past couple days and missed three workouts dammit!

Today I woke up and went swimming first thing as I knew it would be a busy day.  Here is the workout:

3500 yards: 400 choice - 200 kick - 300 swim - 100 kick - 200 swim
3x(3x100 descend 1-3 with 10 sec rest + 75 FAST kick + 3x50 descend 1-3 with 5 sec rest + 50 FAST kick + 3x25 descend 1-3 with 5 sec rest + 2x25 FAST kick)
200 warm down

The new goggles feel.  .  . okay. I think I prefer my others for feel.

 And here are some tools of the trade!
I may need to pass out here soon. I worked all day until 2:00 am. I was supposed to do a run but I'm done and tomorrow is a long four hour ride. Until tomorrow my friends.

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