Monday, May 12, 2014

Day 458 - Big and Fun Swimming with Long and Fun Running

May 12, 2014                244.0 lbs

I haven't been 244.0 lbs for some time. I think I may have found the tipping point between just enough food for daily existence and fueling workouts. I don't know how much exactly I'm eating, but it's enough.

Dounle-double. Swim and a long run. First up, swimming!!!

 A great workout, even with a lot of people in the soup.

 Here is the workout: 200 swim,200 kick, 200 pull, 200 swim -{6x50 with 20 sec rest, 5x50 with 15 sec rest, 4x50 with 10 sec rest, 3x50 with 5sec rest, 2x50 touch and go} - 800 pull - 400 pull - 200 warm down

When I finished I headed home and down into my workshop to try to finish a last minute job. The Boss made raw felafels and a big salad! Doesn't sound like much but it fueled me on my long run.

 After dinner, I went back to work until finally, I had to stop and go run! Starting at 1:44 am. It's funny because I got into a ridiculous conversation today with a moron that tried to suggest I wasn't working hard enough. HA!

Anyways, good run. 6.93 miles in 1:35:13. I felt light on my feet and hydrated. As soon as I passed my warm up point and began to run, I saw a pretty large coyote cross the street heading in the same direction I was going.  .  .  Great!  I never saw it again, Well tomorrow is a rest day and I have to get up early. Until tomorrow my friends!

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