Friday, May 16, 2014

Day 462 - The Night Rider!

May 15, 2014                    241.6 lbs

First off, take a look at the weight. I've lost 13.2 pounds. Crazy. I put on my riding kit tonight and I noticed it fit a lot better. Still not great but a lot better.

I tweaked my Skratch Labs Hydration mix today by adding organic freeze dried beet powder to each of my water bottles. I swear it made a difference in improved energy output. I felt like I could ride longer without my muscles tiring out. Maybe it was in my head, but I don't think so as my standing in the saddle and powering up a hill max time is pretty short normaly, not tonight.

Tonight's workout was just a 1:30:00 easy spin and it was just that.

 This falls under "Weird stuff I see riding in La La Land."

 These looked like vintage dress forms up close but at first, like zombies!

There is this road where the light just seems to stop. Riding into it feels profound to be riding into darkness.

A good ride and workout. Until tomorrow my friends,

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