Sunday, May 18, 2014

Day 464 - A Nice Epic Ride and Run of Fun In the Sun!

May 17, 2014                     240.2 lbs

I can see my body changing and it is very cool. Yes, I have a long way to go, but the results are finally happening. So close to being in the two-thirties!

 Today I did a four and a half hour ride from Duarte to Long Beach, CA.  It was a Z2 focus ride. Meaning to try to stay in that range. Honestly, I thought I did better with staying in Z2 but looking at Strava, I could have stayed more in the middle of the range, (135-145bpm.)

 For fuel, I took nine blueberry, cacao, and coconut rice cakes, four 24 oz water bottles with two scoops of Skratch Labs Hydration Mix plus one teaspoon of organic powdered beet juice each. I also took my 50 oz Camelbak Hydration pack filled with four scoops of Skratch Labs and filtered water. Filtered water in all.

 I have to say, I have not felt better during a ride! Hydrated and fueled. I believe the addition of the beet juice had a dramatic effect on my oxygen usage efficiency. I felt like I was riding as strong at the end as I did in the beginning! The rice cakes, with their fresh blueberries and antioxidants contributed. Also, these rice cakes were not too sweet which gave me less of a peaks and valleys feeling during each hour. Something I'm going to remember in the future.

 I was worried about not taking any plain water, but I kept remembering a quote I read in The Feed Zone Portables book. I'm paraphrasing Dr. Allen Lim, "There is no exercise related situation where water is superior to a good sports drink." He was absolutely right! Gatorade and Powerade are not good sports drinks. No they are not.  .  .

After the ride, I changed quickly and went out for the thirty minute run, part two of my workout. 30 minutes: 15 find your legs, 10 minutes at tempo or Z3 and finally, five minutes at Z2 or easy jog. I felt really good during this run as well. I loved the fact that I could push in my zone three heart rate after a long ride. I could feel a difference in my body from the last time ran the same route.

I'm going to try to see the Amgen Tour of California final stage tomorrow in Thousand Oaks, CA. Hopefully, I can meet up with the Skratch Labs guys.

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