Friday, May 23, 2014

Day 469 - Son Of A Beach and Swimming In The Rain!

May 22, 2014

Started the day by going to Santa Monica and then stopped by the beach for a few minutes so The Puppy could go a little crazy, digging and playing in the water.

 Then it was back home for work and errands and finally my workout for the day, another big swim! Here it is:

800 warm up with every 4th length drill of your choice. 
8x50 build 1-4 & 5-8 in speed.
400 steady pace
8x (100 steady like that 400 + 2x50 fast): these are 200s.  10 sec rest after the 100, 5 sec rest after each 50 - continuous set!
400 steady pace
400 pull

 Again I visualized the Ironman Arizona swim. I also used my Garmin Swim for the first time in awhile. Recently, Garmin updated their software to include pool sizes of 18 yards like mine! (Of course, when I tried to upload the workout, nothing but error messages!!!)

At one point, the fat clouds overhead burst and I was swimming in the rain. IT IS NOT EASY TO SWIM FREESTYLE WHILE SINGING, "SWIMMING IN THE RAIN!!!)

 I never felt like I got my rhythm during the swim today but, I kept pulling anyway. 

Put on a pair of jeans I used to wear all the time, I needed a belt and the only one I still have which I bought not too long ago, is too big now!

Until tomorrow my friends!

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