Sunday, May 25, 2014

Day 471 - Ode To the Sea On a Long Ride

May 24, 2014

Big ride today. Woke up feeling a little achy in my heels and lower back. A sign that I heal striked during the fast run Friday night. My left knee was a little "sharper" in the pain that is normally there.

I had prepared all my rice cakes and hydration the night before, one of the reasons I didn't run until 1:14 am! But I still didn't get to the trail until 3:15 pm. As soon as I pulled in to Encanto Park, I saw my buddy Erin King putting her bike away. We chatted for a minute before she headed out for a short run and I onto the trail.

 It was a heavy cloud covered day, or May Gray. But the temp was 70° and nice. As usual a strong headwind as I pedaled south.

 Though I pushed hard, it was difficult to even maintain my zone 2 heart rate on the way down. I kept having to stand in the saddle to raise it up. The weather was perfect though.

 I made it to the bridge that is about five miles from the coast and could feel the difference in the air because of the sea.

 I really enjoy riding to the ocean, love seeing the ocean. Sometimes I suddenly get strong urges just to go and see it.

 When I got to the turn around point in Seal Beach, I decided to have a "cafe stop" something I don't normally ever do.

 For whatever reason, I wanted to sit and look at the water for a few minutes so I ordered a tea and french fries and looked out at the surf.

 The french fries were a mistake. Not that they were bad, just that after eating rice cakes and drinking Skratch Labs Hydration Mix, my stomach was not ready for the fried food.

 So during the ride back, I felt a little bloated. I also made the rice cakes bigger this time and realized I was getting too much calories. A fine line it seems. Honestly, I prefer smaller rice cakes as it's just more convenient to carry and eat. I'm going to take that into consideration when I make them again.

 I had to pee several times during this ride so I know I was hydrated! Look at this great tree discovered during one of my "pit stops." I thought it looks like something from Lord of the Rings!

I got back to Encanto Park after dark and was supposed to run for half an hour but my knee and back where still bothering me. Knowing that I have a big run and swim tomorrow, I opted to rest. Well, until tomorrow my friends!

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