Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day 472 - Big Swims and Bigger Almost Runs!

May 25, 2014                        241.8 lbs

Hi all. Big swim and run day! Here is the swim:

400 choice + 200 kick + 400 pull + 200 catch up drill
16x100 free:
4x steady with 10 sec rest
4x with 5 sec rest
4x with 15 sec rest
4x with 5 sec rest again
800 pulling

I had to do the swim late. I'm liking the accuracy of the Garmin Swim watch and wondering when or if the Garmin 910xt will updated to allow the 18 yard size pool. The pool got pretty crowded by the end.

Next up I was to run for 1:45:00 but my left knee is still acting wonky. I decided, it was just too late and my knee and lower back were just too sore. I thought I would give them both a night to rest and do the long run on my rest day, Monday. A risk because I really need that day to recover. But! I need the long runs to help build up for the race. Any missed workouts now would not be good. Well, until tomorrow my friends.

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