Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day 473 - Running Into Stars.

May 26, 2014

So today is my rest day, but I had to make up a tough run. Here is the workout:

Z2 HR running but include 4x12' at focused Z3 HR running.  While at Z3 HR you are light on your feet, focused on great form. - The intervals are with 3-4' easy jogging in between.

I got out there late as usual and I was not motivated to run at all. But there was little choice. Those twelve minute z3 intervals really tested my mental discipline as I kept wanting to stop and call a taxi! My legs were tired from the beginning. I mapped out the run ahead of time to see where I needed to go to run that long and at what pace. Ultimately, I misjudged and ran the same distance as my previous long run of over nine miles. By the end I was limping, my feet, knees and back were bothering me. Those twelve minute intervals were a test and I had to gut it out. By the time I got to my car, I felt like I might explore a slightly thicker shoe for the long runs.

Something weird did happen near the end. I was approaching an inter section near the Burbank Hilton when a limo pulled to the light and stopped. The rear passenger window went down and all the sudden a very pretty lady was staring at me smiling framed by the window. And she looked a lot like Eva Green from Casino Royal! As I got closer, she rolled up the window and sat back. I asked the driver if they needed anything and he said no and drove off. I stood there for a moment wondering if I had just imagined the whole thing! Then trotted off home where I noticed a short woman whom was a bit obese, well heavier than me, on the other side of the street and in the process of passing me by like I was barely moving. Dang! Still getting my butt kicked! Soon I was home and walking like a little old man.

Until tomorrow my friends!

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