Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day 474 - Pool Slaloming and Tubular Tube Issues!

May 27, 2014                     239.4 lbs !!!!!!!!!!

The beginning of my blessed recovery week! I haven't been in the 230's for sometime and felt great to see the number as it is a milestone. Next stop, the 220's! The answer all along was eating raw. I felt resentful at first that it took such "extreme" measures, but now, I embrace it as I feel great and I am finally nearing my goal.

Okay so my workout today was a double. Swim and bike. I got the swim done first:

3x800 stretch out swim:  1x every 4th length drill 1x steady swim 1x pull.

 A nice swim with lots of slaloming around little kids, my buddy Two Laps and various swim lessons.

 Later I got dressed up and was heading out for my ride:

1:00:00= Include 6x90 sec FAST high cadence - aggressive spin sections.

As I pumped up my rear tire, the valve began to leak air. Dammit! Somehow, I got a leak. I just went through this. There was no way I was going out without at least one spare! There I stood all kitted up and no place to go. I was looking forward to the ride!

Until tomorrow my friends.

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