Sunday, June 1, 2014

Day 477 - A Quickie In The Dark!

May 30, 2014                     239.00 lbs

Today I had a forty-five minute run with:

Last 15 minutes, fast/Z3 - high turnover, light on the feet - explosive power.

The sustained Z3 paces require a lot of mental discipline for me as  .   .   . it's difficult! And I don't want to!

Just kidding. I will say that I am regularly surprised by my ability to push myself hard. More benefits  of heart rate zone training.

The way back to the car is uphill so it is not that hard to get into Z3 but it is still a push. A nice short run. Lately, my heels have been hurting after my runs. This is Interesting as I don't heal strike. Ow well, I'll figure it out.  Until tomorrow my friends!

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