Sunday, June 1, 2014

Day 478 - Hitting It On The Trials!

May 31, 2014                             239 lbs,

 Hi all! Today I had a long recovery week ride:

Steady Z2 HR ride for some miles.  Nothing sustained over Z2 but feel free to get the legs going a few times within the ride.

 Looks like something caught part of the field on fire.

 From the very beginning, I kept my heart rate strictly in the proper zones.

 As a result, I ended up reeling in a couple of riders. Something that doesn't happen very often!

Even with the heat it was a pleasant ride. I finished up early and was on the way home from Encanto Park at 3:00pm. It's funny that a three hour ride can be considered easy!

Well, that is it for the time being. Until tomorrow my friends.

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