Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 488 - A Boy His Bike and a Brick!

June 10, 2014               237.6  lbs

Take a look at that weight! Soon I will be at 235 and then the next big goal is to break 230 lbs.

Today I had a min brick workout. An hour and a half ride with 10x2 minute at Z3. Followed by a 20 minutes easy run to find the legs after the ride.

 It was a pleasant day out and wasn't too hot out.

 There were several riders on the trail including a couple that wanted to race. But I was having none of it as I was trying to stay strictly in my zones.

 Soon enough the ride was over and I was putting on my running shoes. Now I love my Merrell Bare Access 2 shoes but as the mileage has increased the pounding my feet are taking is significant. Recently, my heal has been bugging me post run which is weird as I don't heal strike. Hmmm. . .

 For the twenty minute run, I found a small trail around Encanto Park. I just satellited around it four times. Done and done.

Soaked with sweat and happy as a clam, I made it back to the car and headed to Sun Cafe to grab some raw food goodness for dinner. Until tomorrow my friends.

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