Friday, June 13, 2014

Day 490 - Night and the Beast of Griffith Park!

June 12, 2014

Today I had an hour and a half easy spin. So I hit the road!

 I rode all the way to the Los Angeles Zoo.

 And the Autry National Center.

 Another nice ride with few people around. Ironically, one car almost hit me in my own neighborhood! Right as I neared the crest of the big hill. Turkey was looking at me instead of the road and almost drove straight into me. Ah well.  .  .

I rode by Griffith Park on the way to the L.A. Zoo. Something very large and hairy crossed the road in front of me. I could see what it was but it was big. About the size of a small horse! Definitely an eye opener. The rest of the ride was peaceful and though I felt like my legs were a bit tired today, I was still able to power up the big hill in my neighborhood which felt good.

Until tomorrow my friends.

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