Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 491 - Altra Instinct 2.0's and A Special Birthday!

June 13, 2014                         239.8 lbs

Hi all. I got try my new kicks today in a one hour and fifteen minute run with the last twenty minutes in Z3.

 But first I had to celebrate a special occasion. It was one year ago today the my buddy and training partner came into our lives. Happy Birthday Orion aka The Puppy! She had a good day of multiple play opportunities in the park with a new ball and throwing device which she loved. The she got to eat her favorite fruit, mango!

 I did the run much earlier than normal and enjoyed it. My new Altra Instinct 2.0 shoes were pretty awesome as they made the hard road feel like a modern running track that has a little bounce in it. The shoes are zero drop meaning unlike most modern shoes where the heal is stacked higher than the toe, on these, the toe and the heal are the same distance from the ground. My right heal has been bugging me lately. It kind of feels like I stomped really hard on it barefoot. Of course I didn't really but it aches. I was able to run with no problem though as I don't normally heal strike. Though it was only one run, I liked the shoes a lot. They weigh more than my Merrell Bare Access 2's and I could feel the difference but I think I will adjust. Plus, they have a wide toe box like the Merrell's. The additional padding under the fore and mid foot should help with the longer distances. I hope!

Until tomorrow my friends!

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