Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 492 - A Nice Ride With The Sundown.

June 14, 2014              236.2 lbs

First up, look at that weight! The lowest I have gone since I started. I will probably be heavier tomorrow as is usual with me but I'm really excited with how my body is changing. The Boss, (aka the wife for you new readers), comments regularly about new things she has noticed.

Today I had a three and a half hour ride followed by a half hour run.  I got out to the trail later than I wanted but it was a nice day.

 I've been focusing on strict heart rate zones during my rides lately. Today my legs felt like lead though. I was pushing hard to maintain my zone two rate so I just cranked up the gears until my quads were burning.

 I've been thinking lately about my recovery and how if I do a really long ride Saturday, I'm wasted for the long run on Sunday. So today I asked Chris Hauth, my coach, if I could possibly do my long run on another day. No word yet.

 The trail was open and I was able to work on strict form. Every ride on the trail, I always have a climb at the end going up the Santa Fe Dam. And every time I go up that small but steep incline, I carefully analyze how I feel compared to the previous one. Sometimes it feels like progress is taking it's own sweet time.

 But today, even with the stiff heavy legs, the climb felt better.

I got back to Encanto Park and assessed my heal for the run. Still felt stiff and cricky. I chose to skip the short run and see how it felt Sunday. Until tomorrow my friends.

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