Monday, June 16, 2014

Day 493 - Epic Swim, Epic Run and The Beach!

June 15, 2014               238.2 lbs

Woke up early by The Boss. Apparently we were going to a raw detoxification class at Rawkin' Juice in Burbank. So off we went. I started to get a funny feeling that maybe this had been pre arranged. I had a good time!

After the class, which I may attend again, we went to the Laural Canyon Farmers Market. What a nice market!

 We picked up all kinds goodies including some extremely tasty raw "cheese" made from nuts and chia.

 After the market, my new buddy Roland Valdez whom I met last weekend, agreed to meet in Long Beach and swim in Alamitos Bay. I got there about sixteen minutes after Roland and got dressed while he warmed up.

I spent a couple extra minutes making sure that my wetsuit was on correctly. Namely, the arms were pulled up properly to give me more shoulder mobility. Here was the assigned workout:            

Straight swim: 800 wup - 400 fast - 1000 long - 200 fast - 800 long - 100 all out.

As soon as I got in the water, I told Roland about some of my apprehension from the previous weeks triathlon swim and practice. He made sure I warmed up nice and easy and then had me practice drafting behind him a little. I was briefly reminded of the training I did with Romeo Victor to teach him how to swim and get him ready for his Ironman race a year ago.
After the warm up, we took off and I felt much better than the previous week. With each lap of the swim area, I felt more and more relaxed until by the end I was sprinting. But I lost Roland! He had finished much faster and got out to go run.

 About the time I finished and got to my car, Roland ran up.I took forever to get switched into my running stuff so he took off again wanting to do another couple miles and we said our goodbys.

My next workout was an eleven mile run with 4-8 strides at the end. So I headed to the beach!

 I had the best run. I felt great and got to see the sunset as I looked at the ocean.

 Long Beach was surprisingly colorful! The was colored lights everywhere and it had a carnival feel.

 I ran along the ocean trail until I hit the boardwalk where a few restaurants seemed to be in the way. So I ran right through them!

I got to the halfway point and saw the Catalina Express. A ship I sailed on to Catalina Island once a long time ago.
I managed to run all the way to the Long Beach Aquarium. I forgot to take any running fuel or hydration so I had to buy a bottle of $3.00 water.

 On the way back, my feet were starting to hurt, despite the new awesome Altra Instinct's. I just have a lot of weight slinging around. I could feel the nagging heal issue. My heart rate was showing up wacky so I kept going, making a mental note to get a new battery.

When I finished, I ran four strides but that was pushing things as I sprint very fast and slam my feet down. I decided to try to stay light on my feet.

When I got home, I found that both of my "index" toes was turning black from the new shoes.

Oh well, several months with the ole' black toe. No big deal.  .  .  Until tomorrow my friends.

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