Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day 495 - Happy Birthday To Me, A Big Decision and a RŌKA Wetsuit Discount Code!

June 17, 2014             236.8 lbs

Today is my birthday! I am 45 years old. Yesterday, I had the lowest weight yet at 236.2 lbs.
Here is the Instagram post I wrote about the occasion: 

"It took over a year for me to begin losing weight. Even with eating clean and Ironman training. My body just resisted. Incredibly frustrating and on several occasions I questioned why I was torturing myself for nothing. Finally, everything came together including a change in my attitude. I'm not vain or narcissistic, (Hint- All the selfies on my blog are for accountability!), but I do not want to be a fat Ironman. It's fine for others but not part of the vision I had of my journey. In February, I began eating 50/50% raw and cooked plant based food. It's interesting that the longer I eat raw, the less I want to eat cooked food. Over the months I have switched to eating 95% raw. So far, I have lost 20.4 lbs. I would very much like to race at around 185-195 lbs. It has not been easy, did I mention it's been frustrating! Many times I had the thought, "It's not fair that I have to work so hard to lose weight when other people can drop so easily." Remember when I said I had an attitude adjustment? I embraced finally that the situation is what it is so knuckle up and plow on. Each day I wake up and check my weight. If I've lost, great! If I haven't, it's okay as I know I will. Tomorrow is my birthday. It dawned on me last night as I ran along the beautiful coastline in Long Beach, that I can run farther and do more physically at a day away from 45 years old than I could as a teenager. If anyone would like to read about yesterday's training, please check out road2iron.com my blog. Sorry for the long post!"

The Boss got me GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition for my birthday. I'm going bonkers trying to decide if I should keep it or put the money towards the Cérvelo P2. As you can tell I like to take pictures, on the other, a faster bike would help my race significantly. Sigh. Poor me, there is some child starving to death somewhere and I'm whining about this. I'll figure it out.

I'm spending the day relaxing as I have a blood lactate test scheduled for tomorrow morning and along with my rest day yesterday, I'm not allowed to workout for two days prior to the test.

Unfortunately, I have developed some plantar's fasciitis in my right heal. This is an inflammation of the connective tissue at the heel. It causes the foot to be stiff and painful anytime it's not moving and just plain sore when it is. My coach is telling me to not run for a while. Hopefully, the inflammation will go away soon. I can actually still run, it just doesn't help it heal. I'm not bummed as I know I'll heal up fast eating the way I am.

I would like to give you guys a present from my coach Chris Hauth and RŌKA Sports. A 10% off coupon code for their excellent wetsuits.  Here is the code: AIMP10

(Image Copyright Roka Sports, Inc)

If you don't know about RŌKA wetsuits, their Maverick Pro was just named the fastest and most comfortable wetsuit by Triathlete magazines Gear Lab. Lava magazine voted it the #1 wetsuit for 2014. These suits are the best and sell out fast. Their Maverick Elite is a very affordable version of the Pro suit and has many of the features that make the Pro suit unique. I'm getting one of the Pro suits asap!

I have decided to do a marathon swim after Ironman Arizona. I'm thinking of swimming from Catalina Island off the California coast to Seal Beach, CA. A twenty seven mile journey. Why not?

I think that is it for today. I'm in a good place. Until tomorrow my friends!

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