Friday, June 20, 2014

Day 496 - Blood Lactate Test 2.0

June 18, 2014                      

 Today I had my blood lactate test done at Phase IV in Santa Monica.

I had to not workout for two days prior to the test. Eat four to six hours before the test with no eating three hours before. Also, no caffeine, not that I take any.

I arrived on time and the technician, Aishea, quickly put my bike on a Comp-U-Trainer and prepped for the test.  Basically, I warmed up with light pedaling for ten minutes.  Then the test began with the resistance set at 100 watts and my blood was taken. Every four minutes, blood was taken from the side of my finger and the resistance was turned up by 25 watts. I made it too 250 watts and held it for much longer than the first test.

I finished the test and went to the beach to wait for The Boss to finish work.

I don't know why but for some time now, the ocean has called to me. I feel both happy and energized when I'm at the ocean.

  The Boss arrived finally and we went to Rawvelution where we enjoyed a fine tasty meal.

I should get the results back tomorrow or the following day. Until tomorrow my friends.

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