Friday, June 27, 2014

Day 503 - Flying On The Ocean and New Training Zones!

June 25, 2014            238 lbs

What a week! Sorry for the delay, busy, busy, busy! I made the conscious decision to put sleep before blog and it is helping. Also, I have a minor injury aka plantar fasciitis. I finally got my blood lactate results back and new heart rate training zones. To sum up how I felt when I saw the difference between my old training zones and the new, I was shocked! Here are my old zones and what I have been training with as a guide for the past year plus:

First Blood Lactate Test  (2-26-13)

Z2 Bike HR - 135-145
Z3 Bike HR - 145-160
Z4 Bike HR - 160-170

Z2 Run HR: 140-150 
Z3 Run HR: 150-165 
Z4 Run HR: 165-175

Here are my new training zones.

Second Blood Lactate Test (6-18-14)

Z2 Bike HR - 120-130
Z3 Bike HR - 130-145
Z4 Bike HR - 145-155

Z2 Run HR: 128-138
Z3 Run HR: 138-153
Z4 Run HR: 153-163

Id say that is a big difference! This explains why I felt I had to work so hard to get to my Z2 heart rate. Honestly, I should have done the test sooner as I have been training in the wrong zones for several months and not getting the most benefit from the training. Oh well, can only move forward!

I had an interesting week.

 Saturday I had a 5 hour ride. I had a raw food cooking class that I had to attend for The Boss who was out of town. I know raw food cooking class sounds like an oxymoron but it was really cool. As soon as I finished I was off to Encanto Park.

 Unfortunately I had the worse case of "gut rot" from eating way too much fiber right before the ride combined with a very large batch of a sweet smoothie.

 Made the entire ride miserable. I couldn't even get into aero position.

 I was trying a new ride fuel I made up with The Boss made from dates and cashews.


 I loved them because they were each about 200 calories and much smaller and lighter than rice cakes. But because I had an upset gut, I couldn't fairly evaluate them. So I planned to try them out again.

On Monday, The Boss had made arrangements for us to go parasailing! As a belated birthday present.

 Normally, I have a lot of trouble with heights, but this time, I had no trouble at all. I was completely comfortable. Strange. I get dizzy on a ladder!

I can't wait to do training with the new zones.

Until tomorrow my friends!

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